brand4life combined strategic direction with creative design to build a unique brand identity for GRAPHICA EXPO, the industry’s longest-running trade show for the Graphic Arts & Visual Communications sector. 

For more than 30 years, GRAPHICA EXPO has communicated and showcased the technological developments of the Printing, Signage, Optical Communication, Paper Packaging and Labeling industry. 

Our main objective was to establish a refreshed brand presence for GRAPHICA EXPO, allowing us to update the brand and reposition it in the market.

The key visual was made up of elements used in typography, such as graph paper, a design guide and a wide color range. As a result, we created a strong brand identity, full of abstract & geometrical components. Also, a core part of the brand identity is the new tagline: “GET INSPIRED – GROW YOUR BUSINESS”, which reflects the brand’s personality and makes a compelling and authentic promise of the brand to the target – audience.

Our ongoing collaboration is not only focused on ensuring the client’s branding but also embraces the essence of the business, as well as on creating a memorable visual brand that is absolutely distinctive.

We can proudly say that we succeeded!