A product catalogue is considered as a valuable marketing tool, used to publicize any business, its products or services. It is also a great way to introduce your business products and services to existing customers or increase their reach to new prospects. 

brand4life has recently created the FARMA-CHEM SA Pest Control Products Catalogue, offering to the client our professional brochure design services. In methodological and conceptual terms, we provided various custom design templates from which the client has chosen the most suitable to their needs and good to go alternative. 

Then we replaced dummy texts, graphics and logos of the template with our client’s logo and product information. We also uploaded photos of the products as well as generic product category / mood photos and arranged them on the catalogue, so that everything looks uniform and great.

The idea behind the development of this catalogue brochure was to extend FARMA-CHEM’s Pest Control knowledge and make their customers familiar with their products, services & new design identity, aiming to:  

·        Catch the attention of target audiences with its beautiful visual design

·         Promote the products in a natural way

·         Build trust between the client and their potential customers 

·         Promote their business in a cost-effective manner as compared to advertising on TV/radio or the web 

·         Deliver a tangible, physical and practical catalogue, a precious tool for the customers